2. lokiloo:

    My Buddhist friend was stopped by a Christian fellowship and asked if she would consider following the word of Jesus Christ. She replied, “No, thanks, but maybe next time around.”

    I don’t think they got the joke but I nearly died laughing.

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  5. jackhoward:

    NOTES! Fucking hell.

    Also the video is here

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  6. pizzapuffs:

    No media about the fact that there’s a All Male,  African American High school on the southside of chicago who year after year has a 100% graduating senior class who ALL get accepted to 4 year universities/colleges.

    they just want to talk about how whether a person’s death on the southside is gang related or not.

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  7. make me choose: spencerfan asked me harry potter saga or the hunger games saga?

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    The only boy a girl needs in her life.

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    gelsey kirkland

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    On Svbscription, read our staff’s recommendations for travel reads, including Evan S. Connell’s A Long Desire, Jane Smiley’s The Greenlanders, and Charles Doughty’s Travels in Arabia Deserta.

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    Svetlana Zakharova (Photos: Mario Veloso)

    I can’t handle the bottom one like she’s not even in penchée it looks like she’s in allongé SVETLANAAAA

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