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    Putting down confident girls is not feminism

    shaming sex workers is not feminism

    "I’m not like other girls" is not feminism

    slut shaming is not feminism

    shaming BDSM practitioners is not feminism

    misandry is not feminism

    ignoring trans women’s rights is not feminism

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  3. do you solemnly swear to stay in your lane, your whole lane, and nothing but your lane

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    welcome to tumblr

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    Misty Copeland’s Under Armour Ad Is Like Nothing You’ve Seen

    We’ve been anxiously awaiting Misty Copeland’s first commercial for Under Armour ever since we learned that the American Ballet Theatre soloist signed with the athletic company back in January. And from the looks of this 60-second spot, it was well worth the wait.

    Watch The Ad Here

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  8. fuck racism too

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  11. "Continuing to flourish and love myself more and more each day."
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    mostly nature

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    mostly nature
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    the good news is that i had time to stop for a frappe

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